So what can a Virtual Assistant do?

what can a Virtual Assistant do

What can a Virtual Assistant do?

I often get asked – What can I outsource to you? Well if you are considering using a Virtual Assistant then the best advice I can give is to sit down and make a list of what you are overwhelmed with and taking up most of your time. Then talk to me or a Virtual Assistant at how best they can help you in the business.

Common tasks are bookkeeping, data entry, social media and website maintenance but it can be from the smallest task to a big project. Outsourcing is time and money so before you outsource completely why not outsource one task then see how that goes then book an admin package so you can try before you buy. This is important to me as a Virtual Assistant so I can see how a new client works and that we can grow together.

So if you are reading this and considering using a Virtual Assistant to outsource some of these tasks I have put together a list of over 200 tasks that you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant. Download my What+a+VA+Can+Do+Checklist and take 5 mins to tick through and see what you can outsource and free up your time so you can spend more time in your business.

I have also just launched my Gift in Time for people who you know who you want to buy that special gift for – they comprise of my admin packages, speaker package, Database and CRM Package.

Contact me today for an informal consultation and let’s get your business moving and your time freed up so you can grow your business.