Diary Management

diary management

What role do we play in diary management?

One of our recurring tasks is to oversee a client’s diary. Assistants organise, arrange and make a note of clients’ meetings with both internal and external contacts.  We also keep an eye on appointments that have been made and finding solutions if they are not able to go ahead.  All of these tasks are usually done independently. This allows us to flexibly manage our client’s diary and to know exactly what is possible and what isn’t.

In managing diaries, we are also responsible for the to-do’s that client’s must not forget about. Furthermore, many appointments demand preparatory work or follow-up. We also play an important role here, taking a large portion of the preparation and follow-up out of clients’ hands, leaving them to concentrate on the main task of running their business.

Thanks to us, clients are able to see all the relevant information about the day’s schedule at a single glance. Without us, clients would have to do this themselves, which most do not have the time for. And when a very important meeting or gathering suddenly crops up, we are there to help thanks to our organisation skills, accuracy and orderliness.

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