CRM/Database Delivery

Is your business a one-man show?  Do you handle all your own marketing, sales and back office functions? So many business owners start out this way, it’s easy to start using an Excel spreadsheet to track your clients. However, as your business begins to grow, failure to implement a good database software can hinder your future growth. Let’s look at some reasons why.

Your Database Will Greatly Help with Retention Efforts

It’s often said that the cost of acquiring a new client is significantly more expensive than keeping an existing client.

By effectively using your database you can add all your clients into one place. A good database will allow you to email clients and the email will log against a client. This means you can build a picture of your client and see what they are interested in.

You can use it to call clients, to see if they are happy or if there is anything you can do for them.

If my files were just in a file cabinet, I would never call my existing clients. It would be such a chore to sort through all those files. My database helps me organize my business efforts to build loyalty among our clients.

Database Software Allows for Timely Note-Taking

As your business grows, you will have all sorts of contact from your clients. They may call with questions about the product they bought from you. Reach out to you give you a referral. Handwritten notes or notes kept in a spreadsheet might work okay if you have less than 50 clients. However, are you likely to still remember each individual? Furthermore, once your business gets larger, remembering what you last talked to a client about gets fairly difficult to do.  This problem is easy to solve with a good database. Almost all database software will allow you to make note entries into a client’s online file. Some even automatically timestamp the date and time you entered the note.

The added benefit to this tracking is that you can keep personal notes about clients. This will remind you to inquire about things they care about.

Keeping a Client’s History at Your Fingertips Saves Time

Finally, perhaps the most logical reason to use a database for your clients is that it allows you to be more productive. When your company is growing, and you find that you have less and less time available, one of the first things to slip is often your record-keeping. After all, who has time to put your client on hold, run for the file cabinet, pour over all your handwritten notes and remind yourself what is going on with that client before you get back on the phone? With a database, all the information is right in front of you. You can literally pull up that client’s file on your PC as you are exchanging initial telephone pleasantries. By the time they tell you the purpose of their call, you have already perused the history from your last call and well prepared to talk with them.

Find the right one for you?

Many small business owners work with tight budgets for the first few years, and have to choose wisely about where to spend their profits. There are many affordable database software packages available, and some industries even have specialized databases designed for the type of business that industry does. Researching the right one for you and then investing into that database is a wise decision if you intend to be around for the long run.

We are now introducing our clients to a free CRM for up to two users and ideal for a small business who wants to track their customers, leads and opportunities.

For £250.00 we can import your data into insightly, provide a training manual and 1-2-1 training. You can be ready to use your system straight away.   We will give you a fully working database based on your needs and wants.  Contact us today for a free consultation. You will save time and increase your profits by using a CRM. Clients who use a CRM installed can triple their income. You can improve their marketing and connect with their customers.