Why are people afraid of taking minutes?

Are you afraid of taking minutes?

When a Client asks me to take minutes then I am happy to attend and make notes at the meeting and then type them up into minutes afterward. However, it is very common that when someone is asked to take minutes they just won’t do it and shy away from them.


For some its just the face to face interaction with a Board, Committee or group. They are on show so if they find something they don’t understand then maybe they don’t want to ask which will then will impact on the minutes.taking minutes

It might be even the title of the meeting such a Board Meeting, Audit Committee or similar so that means even more pressure. The room could have people with MBE’s or CBE’s so you don’t want to end up looking like a fool.

The meetings will have lots of different personalities and so if a heated argument follows how do you record it?

Cost Cutting…..

I also work with organisations who had a minute taker and then decided because the cost was too high they would get someone at the meeting to take them which meant the person attending does not get the full value of the meeting and the minutes suffer as well.

But there is a solution and if minute taking is something that you don’t like to do there is alway an option to bring in an independent notetaker.

I was one of those people in my younger days who did not like taking minutes. I was afraid of the people in the room, the quality of my work and even my skill set. However, that changed when an Ombudsman asked I would take minutes. I was a new VA and need to start recruiting clients so I accepted the challenge.

First Meeting

I remember not sleeping the night before with the agenda running through my head. I got to the venue early to set up and ensure everyone had note paper and pens, the tea and coffee were in place and also lunch was coming.

Once everyone arrived I relaxed and then my work brain took over and enjoyed taking the minutes as I was learning a new subject. The next day after the meeting the next challenge was to write up the minutes. I had recorded the meeting and realised I had made very comprehensive notes and so all I did was go back and revise some of the language and tidy up. Simple.

It went off to the client and yes there was some alterations but not as many as I had imagined and the rest is now history.

I now take lots of minutes for different size of groups, Committees and Boards. I treat everyone the same and I love the different subjects that I get to know about – normally it takes me three meetings to fully understand what goes on and the minutes get quicker as I get to know the groups.

So if you are one of these people who doesn’t like taking minutes then I can be that person to you – I have a minute taking package to help with your budgets so take a look now and if you have an upcoming meeting you want help with and we can provide a tailor-made meeting package then let me know and we can organise everything for you.