Is it right to Outsource in light of the British Airways issues?


Benefits of Outsourcing

After a weekend of chaos at British Airports when British Airways computer system failed leaving thousands of passengers stranded throughout the world, flights are returning to normal. It has come to light that the IT department used outsourcing to send the IT to India in order to cut costs. They also did not have a backup system in place in case the computer system failed as it did on Friday.

So the old arguments come back about outsourcing and whether companies should do it. In my view companies should outsource as it can make the company more efficient and will cut costs. It is the future and will grow considerably over the next few years with the uncertainty of Brexit and other world issues.

However people who outsource should do their homework. In the Virtual Assistant world I often hear people who enquire about my service when they have tried the cheaper versions of a Virtual Assistant then they get burnt as the work is not up to standard. I ask how much they paid and the answer is $4 an hour.

So you should be very careful when researching what you are looking for, speak to a variety of people and check to see who you can work with and whether they are passionate about your business and do they want to grow with you.

So if you would like to outsource your admin then talk to me today.