Managing Meetings and Events Made Simple

From co-ordinating the diaries of attendees through to finding an appropriate venue, booking it and making sure refreshments and catering are in place, managing meetings and events can be an unwanted headache when you are busy running your own business.

Day to day work, running your team and operation, taking care of the finances, can all take their toll, so that when it comes to making sure that critical meeting or event is properly managed doesn’t even figure on your list of priorities until the last minute. Then you pull it all together, in between pulling out your hair, and just about get away with it.

Managing Meetings and Events Made Simple

But do you really want to keep on just about getting away with it? And when that’s how it is, do you really manage to achieve your objectives for the event?

How would it feel if you knew someone else was taking care of managing meetings and events for your business, so all you have to do is turn up?

When you use Admin and More managing meetings and events service, you’ll find it really is made simple. We will make sure that:

  • All the attendees have the date clear in their diary
  • Everyone knows the location of the event, as well as how to get there
  • The venue is spot on with refreshments and food to ensure comfort is taken for granted
  • All the equipment you need is there and working – from flip charts to projectors, notepads and pens etc

So why not take some of the pressure off yourself, and just give yourself time to prepare properly for the meeting. You’ll be much more likely to achieve your objectives – and a lot less stressed!

To find out more about how we can help you manage meetings and events, just call us on 01933 428151 or email us.