Registering ICO

Registering ICO for your business

Did you know that if you hold any data about individuals then you must register with the Information Commissioners Office? This is so people can check that you compile with the Data Protection Regulations and that you are mindful as to what you do with the data you hold.

When the new Data Protection Regulations come into force on 25th May 2018 this will be a legal requirement as if a person calls them to ask about your organisation. The ICO will check to see if you are registered and how you are using the data. If you are not on the register then you will be subject to an data audit so it is vital that you register with the ICO.

If this seems overwhelming then Admin and More can help you with this process by registering for you – all we need to do is give you a call and ask you a couple of questions and then we can register you with the ICO. We charge £60.00 for this and this includes the registration fee for the ICO.

To book this service please contact us via our contact form.