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What is a Virtual Assistant and would you like to use one for a Free Trial?

A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA) are self-employed and provides administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients mainly from home but can work on premises for specific projects. Because virtual assistants are self-employed rather than employees, clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits. Clients just pay for out of pockets expenses. Virtual Assistants usually work for other small businesses but can also support busy executives as well.

Elizabeth Wright

So, have you thought about using one but not sure what happens and whether it would be useful to you or not then keep reading as I have a special offer for you. I am offering a chance to use a VA on Wednesday and Thursday 26th and 27th July. You will receive 2 hours of free support to be used however you want. To give you a guide of what we can do please look at the list below (these tasks typically take an hour):

  1. Mail merge, print, envelope stuff and post 100 media
  2. Create and send an email campaign to prospects.
  3. Data entry – type all your business cards from a networking event into a prospects database.
  4. Type a 15-minute audio report and proofread it.
  5. Create a LinkedIn company page.
  6. Convert word documents into PDF documents.
  7. Email your clients to tell them about a new product/service.
  8. Write newsletter article.
  9. Build a shared client list including email alerts when anything changes.
  10. Set up a monthly email newsletter.
  11. Write and schedule 25 automatic Tweets for your Twitter account.
  12. Write and schedule 10 posts for Facebook
  13. Research a competitor.
  14. Formatting documents, presentations and excel spreadsheets.
  15. Check for broken links, missing meta tags or other problems with your website.
  16. Chase up outstanding invoices.
  17. Submit a press release on your business to online article sites.Virtual Assistant
  18. Set up your Google Calendar and import all your appointments.
  19. Write a how-to guide.
  20. Create a PowerPoint presentation.
  21. Create a flowchart of services for your business.
  22. Find suitable venues for your event.
  23. Set up online payment and delivery of e-courses/e-books.
  24. Write a blog entry.
  25. Copy type 6 pages of text from fax/PDF/hard copy.
  26. Mail merge and print address labels.
  27. Invoice your clients including automatic reminders if the invoice becomes overdue.
  28. Review your Twitter followers and approve them.
  29. Scan LinkedIn for questions in your target market that you can answer.
  30. Send follow up materials either in the post or via email to new clients (e.g. welcome letters, postcards, terms and conditions etc.)
  31. Set up an alternative phone number for a different location (e.g. if you are based in 01234 Bedford, you may want a 01604 Northampton number to attract clients from that area or vice versa)
  32. Create time sheets for staff and email automatic reminders to fill them in.
  33. Find the perfect picture for your website.
  34. Design a survey for your clients/prospects.
  35. Remind you of important dates either by email, SMS text or phone.
  36. Create a digital signature for signing bulk letters/emails.
  37. Thank all your clients for attending an event with a personalised letter.
  38. Research products/services such as CRM programmes, email marketing or web builder packages.
  39. Find journalists contact details for your press release.
  40. Find quotes and order your printing from a supplier.
  41. Set up a mailchimp account to be used for email marketing.
  42. Set up a CRM database and import data already on a spreadsheet.

But the list can endless so please ask when you contact me.

To keep it fair, each person gets a 30-minute phone consultation followed by 2 hours of virtual assistant time and it is limited to people who have not used the service before. I will advise you if the task will take longer than the two hours and will give you the option to pay the additional hourly rate – Please look at our terms and conditions for additional charges.

So get in touch today and take advantage of this trial. Let me show you how I can transform your business and give you the confidence to work with a VA in the future.

If you would like to benefit for the free VA trial then please contact me.

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