Build your Business by Taking Good Minutes

There are many things you can to grow your organisation, but there’s one we feel is seriously under-rated: how to build your business by taking good minutes!

Concise accurate minutes of a meeting – internal or external, with suppliers or customers – can make sure you are able to hold people to account for their actions and make sure deadlines are adhered to. Quite often, they are simply a great way to make sure YOU do what you committed to, rather than leaving a meeting and moving on to the next point.

Build your Business by Taking Good Minutes

Here are 3 examples of how taking good minutes can help to build a business:

  1. If you have notes of the actions you have committed to taking, you are more likely to do everything you said you would – and on time!
  2. Sending a set of well presented minutes to a client will reinforce the perception of your organisation as professional
  3. You will have an accurate record of decisions that have been made and actions that are to be taken which will help you manage your staff and suppliers more effectively.

But taking minutes in a meeting you are running or taking part in can be stressful – you need to be able to concentrate on the input you need to make to the meeting’s objective, so it can be tough to make sure you catch all the notes whilst doing so.

That’s exactly why Admin and More decided to offer a cost-effective minute-taking service to businesses and charities – and it’s proving very popular! We will attend your meetings and keep accurate, concise notes of every agreed action, and circulate the minutes to all attendees for you.

If you would like to talk to Admin and More about our minute-taking services, whether for regular meetings or perhaps a one off but particularly important meeting, just call us on 01933 428151 or email us.