Apps that help me achieve my work-life balance


I have been a VA for a year now – the first few months were spent setting up the business, creating the brand and my base marketing materials and then finally recruiting clients.

But now I have clients the priority is to balance the workload as well as managing my business so in the last month I have now implemented a system where it is in one place.

This is what I did.


I was so busy implementing databases for my clients that I hadn’t created one for myself so in May I set up insightly and it works like a dream managing my customers and my leads – I can set tasks and events for my clients. I can even track my clients projects within Insighylt so I am on top of all my clients.

Once Insightly was installed then I looked at the integrations that Insightly allows and then I realised I could integrate Quickbooks which is my accounting package.


So now Insightly is set up I integrated Quickbooks which means I can manage the customers invoicing all from Insightly. I can see when an invoice gets paid and when one comes overdue and so again I can see it all in one place.


Another function I have integrated to Insightly is Mailchimp which means I can export my lists direct into mailchimps so I can manage my contacts more effectively and ensure that all my contacts are receiving my e-newsletter – this cuts down my time on managing my mailchimp list seperately.

So as you can see this is just three apps I use to cut down my time on running my business which is working effectively for me.

If you would like support in any of these areas I can assist you so please contact me for a free consultation.