Do you answer your telephone?


This week whilst I was out and about I heard an interesting comment. “I don’t answer my phone so I don’t know what business I am missing out on”. I realised after some research on social media groups that this is quite common as there are many people who just don’t like answering the phone. They lack the confidence to have that interaction. They are worried they will say the wrong thing or have an angry customer on the phone. In an age when technology is taking over and there are so many more mediums to contact our customers such as email or instant messaging there are many situations in which the phone can be avoided now a days.

BUT how much business are you missing out on? If you are struggling for clients and work but you have lots of answer phone messages that you haven’t responded to this could be a source of new clients and work for you which will help improve your cashflow.

If you are not confident in using the phone there is an answer? Outsource to a telephone answering service. They can take the pressure off you by answering your calls and sending your messages through. The could even make your appointments for you so all you need to do is turn up and meet your perspective clients.

So if you are frightened of using the phone and you know you are missing out on business then get in touch with us today as we can help and by doing so you can transform your business.