Minute Taking


Why take Minutes?

Minutes are a written account of the meeting, covering the main points of discussion, the decisions reached and actions to be taken.

Keeping and reading minutes is helpful in several ways:

  • Minutes remind people of what they said they’d do and by when.
  • They provide an accurate record of decisions for the future when people’s memories fail or when they disagree about what’s been decided. This also helps to avoid having to go over the same ground again and again.
  • They inform people who were absent from the meeting about what happened and what was decided. They also provide a way for new members of the group to get up to speed with the group’s actions and decisions.
  • During the meeting, the minute taker can also support the facilitator by checking that the what, who, where and how are covered for each decision made. The minute taker can also help move the meeting along by providing a summary of the discussion on the basis of his or her notes.

How we help with minute-taking?

I am an experienced minute taker who can assist by attending your meeting, taking the notes and preparing the minutes for distribution. Take a look at my article about why minute taking can be so stressful for some people.

The service can be accessed for as little as one day, ongoing, or on a “project” basis.

So to summarise our offer:

  • You can use our service for a day, a week, or any period of time that you wish
  • You pay us when you want us and not when you don’t
  • No set-up charges, no minimum charges, and no silly contract tie-ins.
  • We charge our hourly rate plus travel expenses.

So if minute-taking is not your skill then get in touch with us today. Then email us here, or telephone us here,