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Trusts and Foundations

trusts and foundations

Many small charities are so overwhelmed with their responsibilities that normally it falls to one person to provide the services and to fundraise for the charity so Admin and More have launched this service to help assist with charities to maximise their income and bring in much needed funds.

Our new Trust and Foundation service means we will submit Trust and Foundation applications on your behalf and we will only charge once the funding target has been achieved.

So if we have the following level of charges:

Project up to £20,000 will incur a charge of £500

Project up to £50,000 will incur a charge of £1,000

Project up to £100,00 will incur a charge of £2,000

The charge will be invoiced once the funding has been secured and you will need to be prepared that funding may not start to materialise for at least 3 months as the applications go out and meetings are held to discuss the applications.


Gift Aid

Gift Aid

Gift Aid should be claimed as soon as possible.  As you could be pouring your hard-earned donations and sponsorship straight down the drain.

Most charities are missing out on literally thousands of pounds of income in our experience. By not claiming all the Gift Aid to which they are entitled. Could your organisation be one of them?

The charity sector is missing out on up to £700 million in unclaimed tax relief, according to Charities Aid Foundation This is a staggering amount by any standards and is only likely to rise.

Charities can back date Gift Aid for the previous four years. This makes it so important for you to act now.

We are currently working with an organisation who has never claimed Gift Aid. This situation is by no means unusual and for some charities. We have developed a system where we are claiming the previous four years. Furthermore they now have procedures in place to ensure Gift Aid is claimed on a timely basis for the future. We can also help with chase mechanisms to ensure you have active declarations for Gift Aid to be claimed back on all eligible donations.

We would be very happy to carry out a free Gift Aid audit on your charity. This would involve assessing your current situation. We will then make some recommendations as to how you could unlock the money to which you are entitled.

Probably the easiest money your charity has ever received and give your funds a welcome boost. Admin and More charge £200.00 for 10 hours of Gift Aid work.

Finally, for a FREE consultation please visit our contact page, or for an immediate response phone 01933 428151.