So you have had a lovely holiday, Your desk greets you with piles of paper………….



So you had a holiday and you went away, relaxed and chilled out. You feel refreshed as you return from holiday and then on your first day back you return to your desk and you can hardly see over the top of all the paperwork and messages that have been put on your desk.

Could you have planned better before you went? After a day in the office once again you feel on overload and the benefits of a holiday already a distant past.

So here are some helpful hints and tips in order to make your next return from holiday a pleasure and not a pain.

  • To keep your business going whilst you are away why not schedule your social media posts using a scheduler like Hootsuite or Buffer.
  • Schedule an e-newsletter using mailchimp
  • Tell your clients you will be away so their expectations can be managed as to when you are available. Don’t forget don’t post your holiday photos to facebook until you get back!
  • Set up your out of office on your email and phone.
  • Don’t forget to take your business cards with you so you never miss that opportunity.

and to keep your paperwork down and have your calls answered why you are away then why not hire a Virtual Assistant.

Our next main holidays will be Christmas so don’t forget to start planning in November so you can have a restful break. If you want part of that planning to have a virtual assistant in place then give me a call on 01933 428151 or use our contact form.