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GDPR – The Myths about Consent


GDPR – The Myths around Consent

Last week we looked at the myths around the fines and the instances when the ICO will impose these fines. This week we look at consent and the myth you must have consent if you want to process personal data.

Yes, GDPR is raising its standard for consent from the current regulations of pre-ticked opt-in boxes, which is not considered as valid consent under the new regulations. The new regulations mean you need to provide clear and concise instructions for the individual to opt in so it’s their choice as to whether they wish to receive your marketing material or not.

There are many falsehoods around at the moment especially with some GDPR ‘experts’ saying that data can on be processed by an organisation if it has explicit consent to do so.

That is wrong as it is one of the ways to comply with GDPR but there are many other ways. This has also created a lot of confusion.

There are five other ways you can now process data which may more appropriate than consent.

So if you are hearing falsehoods then contact me for an informal discussion and if you want to ensure you are prepared come to my 12 Steps to GDPR workshop at the end of October in Northampton and Rushden to find out more.

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