Awards – A fantastic experience


So this week I attended the Rebuilding Lives Awards hosted by Spinal Injuries Association as my husband was nominated for SIA Volunteer of the Year. We travelled down to Williams F1 centre in Oxfordshire to attend the awards and just a look round the museum which was amazing with the cars through the ages.

My husband’s award category was fourth on the list and we waited expectantly for the award to be read out but in the end, the awards went to Louise Tempest who is a fantastic volunteer supporting spinal cord injured people at Pinderfields and she is doing a fantastic job. It was a well-deserved award! We met lots of dedicated people serving the SCI community and we came away feeling we had achieved so much.

The rest of the week…….

was spent supporting the rest of my clients. I have just taken a month’s job working in an office which needs additional support for the month and this is absolutely my forte as I want challenges that will ultimately enable my client’s businesses to grow in the long run and I am part of their journey.

so do you know any businesses that are growing but their admin is being left behind and the piles of paper are growing? It can be so soul destroying seeing the paperwork which could be tasks or even accounts that are getting bigger and you are getting near year end. Don’t suffer in silence, call me and we can chat through your current issues. Unlike a lot of VA’s, I am happy to come and work in the office for short term whilst we sort the paperwork mountain out.

So stop worrying and start living and watch your business grow as you go out and do the things you like doing. Take a look at my packages and see how I can help.